Introducing Mika Varjonen

Monica Vikman | 25.02.2014
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Mika Varjonen

Mika Varjonen

Mika joined Kompozure in November 2013 and works as a Developer.

Tell us shortly about yourself

By nature I am a calm and analytic problem solver. My wife thinks I may even be too theoretical a person when practical things sometimes happen not to work as they should.

What have you studied?

After high school I started to study mathematics at the University of Turku, I specialized in IT mathematics (back then it was called discrete mathematics). For my minor I took many courses in computing. I graduated from university in autumn 2003. After that I have continued to independently study new things in the IT industry.

Why are you interested in IT/coding?

As an elementary school age kid I got a Commodore C-64, and since that I have been interested in programming. At the time, you copied code snippets from magazines. Then you modified these snippets and detected the influence it had on the computer’s performance. The result from this was a spark that has led to my current career. Today it’s confirmed by the knowledge that modern society revolves around, and is to a considerable extent dependent, on software.

What are currently the most interesting things in the IT industry?

Cloud computing and its future, is the mess around NSA going to mix it up a lot? Moreover I think we live in an interesting time period where computing begins to be tied even deeper into our daily life. I also find it interesting to follow how Microsoft fights in the competition for the interest of companies and private persons. I hope Microsoft will succeed in this area. Go softies 🙂


Being a father to two children and an owner of a German Shepherd puppy helps to vanish my extra spare time considerably. Mainly I would say listening to audio books is my hobby (especially science fiction), because it’s hard to find time to read real books. Audio books are nice to listen to when walking in the woods with the dog. As a counterweight to my work, and if I find time, I program my own hobby projects like Windows Phone applications.

Why did you apply for a job at Kompozure?

I wanted a work in an open-minded atmosphere, where all the doers have a common spirit of doing and where quality and customer satisfaction are important. Sakari managed to convince me that that is how things are at Kompozure, and I haven’t noticed otherwise yet.

What’s the best in Kompozure?

First of all the youthful and relaxed atmosphere where good code is done by good people. Also the chance to get to know new technologies and things alongside projects is a big plus.