Introducing Jussi Raunio

Monica Vikman | 03.10.2013
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Jussi Raunio

Jussi is a born programmer. He joined Kompozure in March 2013 and works as a Developer.

Tell us shortly about yourself

I am an eager programmer and software developer who wants to build better software. Programming has been my hobby for a long time and still I feel addicted to it. Perseverance and doing things that you truly like doing is what I appreciate the most in life.

What have you studied?

I studied at a university of applied sciences and graduated as a Bachelor of software engineering. My thesis was about computer aided harbor transportation system. The system helps port workers to choose the optimal way to transport things that are heavy and difficult to transport. When writing the thesis I learned about the port business and about using artificial intelligence as a part of people’s decision-making.

But I want to say that the most important lessons I have learned, have come from all the sleepless nights when I have been trying to figure out why a line of code doesn’t work as it should.

Why are you interested in IT/coding?

When I was a kid, I saw the movie Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams. I was fascinated by the idea of robots and what things you can achieve by programming, and if the movie’s story could come true in real life. I got enthusiastic about programming and wanted to learn more and get better and better at it, because that would be the only way for me to get answers to all my questions. I am interested in the diversity of the IT industry and the possibility to learn about other industries at the same time: I find it important to understand the business of the customer. That is an advantage both for me as a programmer and for the customer.

What are currently the most interesting things in the IT industry?

The industry going up, which brings new and different types of persons to the industry and thereby innovation. Earlier, a person typing on their computer was seen as an oddball – who would like to stare at the computer for 8 hours every day? Today it is fine and even cool to do so, and one also understands that even the development of Facebook requires some work hours. Open source code has also become more popular and has an important role in today’s programming process – also in closed source solutions.


Running and fitness boxing. By running you can get in better shape quickly, which also help you to maintain your emotional well-being. Boxing is a perfect counterweight for sedentary work, because it opens up your shoulders and back muscles, as they easily get stiff during the day. I am also interested in science, so I take a few hours every day to follow up some research projects. Not to forget IT; I usually get stuck in front of the computer after work to program my own projects or to talk about programming problems with people.

Why did you apply for a job at Kompozure?

I strongly believed in the vision and the values of Kompozure. Also the flat-organizational structure and the honest and relaxed atmosphere sounded good. I find developing myself as an important part of the job, and for me that is possible only in an environment that is encouraging and that offers the right framework to do it. At the job interview Sakari and Jarno convinced me that Kompozure can fulfill these promises – and I haven’t doubted it for a moment.

What’s the best in Kompozure?

The work. What could be better than working with good and the latest technologies!