Introducing Annika Standertskjöld-Nordenstam

Monica Vikman | 29.11.2013
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Annika Standertskjöld-Nordenstam

Annika Standertskjöld-Nordenstam

Annika joined Kompozure in May 2013 and works as Marketing Specialist.

Tell us shortly about yourself

I am from Helsinki, a sixth generation Helsinki local. I love sports and especially football. Different cultures and countries fascinates me, I have both studied and worked abroad and those experiences are the highlights of my life so far.

What have you studied?

After high school I studied to Bachelor of hospitality management. I decided to continue to study, so I went to Vaasa to study for a Master of Science in Marketing, a 2-year Master’s degree program. My major was strategic marketing management. After that I started work, and for the last six months I have been working as a marketing specialist trainee at Kompozure.

Why are you interested in marketing/online marketing?

Actually I got really interested in marketing when studying in Vaasa, and I found brands especially interesting, my thesis was about developing the brand Miesten ykkönen of The Football Association of Finland. Writing that, I got to really dig in to the world of brands. Online marketing is an important and big part of today’s marketing process. I had a big gap in my knowledge of digital marketing, and thanks to the trainee placement I got the opportunity to study and work within digital and online marketing.

Before I started to study at Hanken, I thought that marketing was a little bit humbug. But if not sooner, at least I know now that marketing is so much more than humbug.

What are currently the most interesting things in marketing?

Maybe that marketing is developing so fast. There are constantly some new things to know about and it’s important to stay on track on what is happening. Also the fact that Google has a big role in how online marketing is developing and changing, and how fast. It’s maybe even a little bit scary…


As I already mentioned, I am crazy for sports. Football is my passion, even if I don’t play actively anymore. IFK, FC Barcelona and France are my favorite teams, but I have to admit that FC Bayern and Germany are pretty good. I also play tennis and go to group fitness classes, in the winter I like to do cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. I also follow a lot of sports through TV and live. When I want to relax, I like to read good books or browse magazines.

Why did you apply for a job at Kompozure?

Kompozure came in to the picture thanks to the study program; I was looking for a trainee placement and Kompozure was looking for a marketing trainee. 6 months have passed and the program is finished. Now, I’m happy to continue work at Kompozure as a Marketing specialist.

What’s the best in Kompozure?

The people and the values are the best things in this company. Also the fact that there aren’t so many rules and not much bureaucracy, everyone knows that the most important thing is that the work is done well. And I have to admit that the location of the office is very good.