How Kompozure Takes Care Of My Business Continuity?

Markus Manninen | 01.07.2014
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Business continuity is an important matter for our clients when they plan to build business critical applications on Microsoft Azure platform and when they evaluate proper software development partners to do it.

The international standard for business continuity (ISO 22301) defines business continuity as the capability of the organization to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident.

For some people managing business continuity is just common sense and for some it is about thorough plans and strategies.

Kompozure Takes Your Business Continuity Seriously

Microsoft Azure cloud application platform enables businesses to design and build applications that are, at the same time, more resilient and more affordable than traditionally hosted applications. Azure contains several built-in features that help you with business continuity.

However, Azure is not a magic bullet for ensuring business continuity. You have to be able to design the application to meet the high availability and disaster recovery requirements on a case by case basis. And that calls for seasoned Azure architects.

We at Kompozure have focused on building Microsoft Azure applications since 2011 and our experts have a long track record of delivering business critical IT-solutions.

We help you with business continuity by knowing the capabilities of Microsoft Azure platform thoroughly and by knowing how to properly architect a distributed service on Azure.

Although we are a pioneer in what we do we also keep ourselves constantly up to date as Azure brings new features to market at a phenomenal speed. We spend a significant amount of our time to learn the newest features and best practices of Azure in order to ensure our capability of building secure and robust cloud applications on Azure.