Can I enhance my on-premises application by building new features on Azure?

Markus Manninen | 05.05.2014
Reading time 1 min

Modern and old.

Yes you unquestionably can but is it sane is rather the question. What we are seeing with our clients is that there are couple of scenarios when it definitely makes sense.

The first scenario is that adding new features to your old on-premises application has become too difficult, slow or expensive. This is a common problem with old systems and it can prevent the enhancement entirely.

It pays off to evaluate if Azure can help you extend your application before you decide to reengineer the whole solution.

The second scenario is that the new features you are planning to create have got something to do with the following workload patterns optimal for cloud:

  1. On and off type of service with inactivity periods
  2. Fast growing application
  3. Unplanned peaks in demand
  4. Expected peaks due to periodic increased demand

A hybrid solution offers benefits

In this case the hybrid solution means that you turn your on-premises application into a hybrid solution where your existing application runs on-premises and the new features run on Microsoft Azure cloud application platform.

With Azure you do not have to make those costly and time-consuming investments in your infrastructure anymore. Instead you can focus on your application and on the end user needs. You can get your new features faster to market with lower cost. Your new and improved hybrid solution gives you a more flexible, scalable and affordable infrastructure that makes you a more agile service provider whether your end users are employees, partners, resellers, consumers or businesses.

If your company has an on-premises .NET application and you would like check out the option and benefits of adding new features on Azure just let us know and we will help you.