Access data in Cosmos DB with Managed Identities
Joonas Westlin | 15.04.2021
Reading time 9 min
Management operations have been possible to do with Azure AD authentication for some time now. So you could for example create databases and containers in a Cosmos DB account with the right Azure RBAC roles assigned to your identity. Accessing data has however still required the use of access keys/resource... Read more...

Whoseday – Erkka Puusti
Monica Vikman | 14.04.2021
Reading time 3 min
Whoseday is back and today we have a chance to spend it together with Design Lead Erkka Puusti!   Erkka is a solution designer, a facilitator, and a creative technologist, with an emphasis on the creative side. His focus is on user-centric design and development, and in Agile teamwork facilitation. Read more...

Ripping apart a blockchain
Lauri Peltonen | 07.04.2021
Reading time 6 min
Ripping apart a blockchain (with a lance) This is the second part of the blog series “Blockchains and Azure”. The first part was about Azure’s blockchain offering and can be found here. The aim of this blog post is to explain what blockchains are and what kind... Read more...

SKR-2 robot as Zure’s CEO
Joona Puurunen | 01.04.2021
Reading time 2 min
Due to the rapid growth and the expanding responsibilities of CEO Sakari Nahi, the duties of the company’s CEO will be shared by two people in the future. Nahi will continue in administrative tasks and being the frontman of the company but most of the tasks outside the legal responsibilities... Read more...

Zure Digest #3
Joni Moilanen | 26.03.2021
Reading time 5 min
Zure Digest is a collection of Azure and other development-related links, curated by the Azure Guild of the Zure. Links don’t represent the values of Zure or our coding practices. They are intended to be thought-provoking or otherwise worth sharing. Azure Azure Defender for Storage powered... Read more...

Whoseday – Ilkka Lehto
Monica Vikman | 24.03.2021
Reading time 3 min
The sun is shining, the birds are singing and Easter is soon on our doorsteps. #Whoseday, however, just continues! This time we have a chance to spend it together with Expert Lead Ilkka Lehto. “Ilkka is an experienced, user-centric, and open-minded software professional with broad experience of Microsoft Cloud. Ilkka’s... Read more...