Pasi Huuhka

Business benefits of robust telemetry practices
Pasi Huuhka | 04.12.2020
Reading time 8 min
Over the years of working with applications of different sizes and use cases, I’ve noticed that customers and developers alike have reservations about spending time to implement well thought out metrics and logging for their products. This is something that is often thought of as a last-ditch effort, when... Read more...

Build your CI with Azure Pipelines YAML
Pasi Huuhka | 21.01.2020
Reading time 8 min
Have you grown tired of clicking things in the Azure DevOps portal and having to make changes to each environment individually? I know I have, but thankfully I have a solution! In this post, we’re going to learn what Azure Pipelines YAML is, why should you use it and how... Read more...