Monica Vikman

Accelerate 2021 by Microsoft
Monica Vikman | 27.08.2020
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“How to recover from the crisis and get the business to recover and grow again? At Microsoft’s Accelerate 2021 virtual event, you’ll hear how companies, organizations, and society are recovering from the crisis, how companies continue their digital transformation programs, and where future growth comes from.” What: Accelerate 2021 When:... Read more...

Workshop 9/2020: Database modernization
Monica Vikman | 25.08.2020
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Are you interested to learn how you can run your apps at the lowest cost and add business value, by migrating your databases to the cloud? Welcome to attend a Database modernization workshop train the trainer! What: Database modernization workshop train the trainer When: 10.09.2020 | 08:30 – 12:30 [UTC/GMT+03:00:... Read more...

The Zed Bull helps to fully charge the batteries
Monica Vikman | 17.08.2020
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Spring has been tough for all of us. While most think the summer went well despite canceled trips abroad, batteries are still low. Something had to be invented to fully charge the group’s batteries. At Zure we decided that for the next 5 weeks our employees can spend 3 work-hours... Read more...