Monica Vikman

The Zed Bull helps to fully charge the batteries
Monica Vikman | 17.08.2020
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Spring has been tough for all of us. While most think the summer went well despite canceled trips abroad, batteries are still low. Something had to be invented to fully charge the group’s batteries. At Zure we decided that for the next 5 weeks our employees can spend 3 work-hours... Read more...

AZUG, 2020-08-19 – Playing the game with Azure Cognitive Services
Monica Vikman | 10.08.2020
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Azure Cognitive Services offers the most comprehensive portfolio in the market for developers who want to embed AI capabilities into their applications and platforms. Zure Belgium’s founder Pieter Vandenheede will speak about Azure Cognitive Services in AZUG’s virtual event. He will show how AI can help you reach some hard... Read more...