The new Azure Digital Twins available in Public Preview
Glenn Colpaert | 29.06.2020
Reading time 4 min
As announced at Microsoft Build 2020, Azure Digital Twins has a new public preview of the service. This public preview refresh is available as from now! The original Azure Digital Twin service will be retired by the end of the year 2020. Traditionally IoT is all about connecting assets but... Read more...

Sakari Nahi is now Microsoft Regional Director
Monica Vikman | 23.06.2020
Reading time 0 min
This is huge! Zure’s CEO and one of our Azure MVPs Sakari Nahi has been honored with the Microsoft Regional Director position! “Regional Directors provide Microsoft leaders with the customer insights and real-world voices needed to continue empowering developers and IT professionals with the world’s most innovative and impactful tools,... Read more...

Three speaks by three azure MPVs
Monica Vikman | 17.06.2020
Reading time 0 min
Three of Zure’s MVPs will be speaking at the European Cloud Conference! Sakari Nahi, Joonas Westlin, and Glenn Colpaert will rock the stage in Nice, France on October 27-29. Check out their speeches. “The European Cloud Conference is Europe’s leading independent event dedicated to all things... Read more...

How Azure Durable Functions scale
Joonas Westlin | 04.06.2020
Reading time 5 min
If you haven’t yet read about Azure Durable Functions, they essentially allow you to build serverless workflows using C# or Javascript. So instead of a more graphical and declarative approach of e.g. Logic Apps, you use an imperative approach through code. Since Durable Functions run on Azure Functions, running it... Read more...

Pasi Huuhka is Zure’s fourth Azure MVP
Monica Vikman | 02.06.2020
Reading time 0 min
“The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their high quality, real-world expertise with users and Microsoft.” Today we at Zure are more than happy to announce that Pasi Huuhka has been awarded as an Azure MVP... Read more...