Global Azure Bootcamp 2020
Monica Vikman | 24.03.2020
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Once again, it is time for a Global Azure Bootcamp (GAB). Because of COVID-19 the GAB will be held as a virtual event on 23.4.2020. The program will be published in here. Read more...

Zure Ltd went remote first
Monica Vikman | 13.03.2020
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Zure Ltd went remote first. We minimize physical contact with each other and clients, trying to help in slowing the spread of Coronavirus, and leaving the healthcare system more resources to care for those in trouble. We’re tiny, but maybe even a little bit helps. Read more...

The first newspaper article about Zure
Monica Vikman | 10.03.2020
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The first newspaper article about Zure is out! We’re in one of the top commerce-oriented newspapers in Finland, Kauppalehti, about how ‘At Zure, culture directs daily activities’. Get Kauppalehti and open pages 10-11 or... Read more...

Global DevOps Bootcamp 2020
Monica Vikman | 20.02.2020
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Global DevOps Bootcamp 2020 is a free global full-day learning event that will be held on Saturday, May 30th and is all about DevOps. This year the focus is on: Insights into where we are heading when it comes to DevOps and new technologies Getting your hands dirty and sharing... Read more...

The difficult world of workload estimation
Pasi Taive | 17.02.2020
Reading time 3 min
The estimation of the workload is an important part of the project and the reason why it is important may be different than normally thought. Generally speaking, an estimation of a single sprint often has only a little or no value. The reason for the estimation is not to commit... Read more...