A punch of new experts
Monica Vikman | 15.04.2021
Reading time 0 min
Welcome to Zure Matias Näveri, Henri Kärkkäinen, Mikko Itämäki, Markus Nyholm and Sanna Laitinen! Click and get to know our team. Read more...

Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2021
Monica Vikman | 15.04.2021
Reading time 1 min
“Join us on April 20-21, 2021 for the very first Azure Cosmos DB Conf. Azure Cosmos DB Conf is a free online virtual developer event organized in collaboration with the Azure Cosmos DB community, and sessions will be delivered by community members and Microsoft. The event will be streamed in... Read more...

Whoseday – Erkka Puusti
Monica Vikman | 14.04.2021
Reading time 3 min
Whoseday is back and today we have a chance to spend it together with Design Lead Erkka Puusti!   Erkka is a solution designer, a facilitator, and a creative technologist, with an emphasis on the creative side. His focus is on user-centric design and development, and in Agile teamwork facilitation. Read more...

Stay on the map with our upcoming events and webinars
Monica Vikman | 09.04.2021
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If you want to stay on the map with our upcoming events and webinars in the future, subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t worry, we will not spam! 👇... Read more...

On our way to the new office
Monica Vikman | 06.04.2021
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Our Helsinki office is temporarily moving to a new address. We are expanding our premises so that we can all fit under the same roof. You can find us now at Keskuskatu 6G.    ... Read more...

SKR-2 robot as Zure’s CEO
Joona Puurunen | 01.04.2021
Reading time 2 min
Due to the rapid growth and the expanding responsibilities of CEO Sakari Nahi, the duties of the company’s CEO will be shared by two people in the future. Nahi will continue in administrative tasks and being the frontman of the company but most of the tasks outside the legal responsibilities... Read more...