Virtual Azure Community Day 2020
Monica Vikman | 30.11.2020
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Join Glenn Colpaert on Thursday 3.12. during Virtual Azure Community Day! He will be talking about Azure Digital Twins. What: Virtual Azure Community Day When: 3 December 2020 from 11:00 till 23:00 GMT+02:00 Europe/Helsinki Speakers: Many! Where: Web, read more, and sign... Read more...

Shape Your Future with Azure Data and Analytics by Microsoft
Monica Vikman | 30.11.2020
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“Prioritizing data and analytics now is critical to building business agility and resilience for the future. Join us at the Shape Your Future with Azure Data and Analytics digital event on December 3, 2020 to find out how to use your data to make better and faster decisions for your... Read more...

Are u Azure?
Monica Vikman | 24.11.2020
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In the world of today, cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind. Information is the most important asset for many companies, and security incidents are in the news daily. Now you have a chance to join the discussion about the security in Azure from the viewpoints of decision-makers, IT professionals, and software... Read more...

Whoseday – Pekka Wallenius
Monica Vikman | 17.11.2020
Reading time 1 min
Welcome back! This time, Front end Developer Pekka Wallenius is introduced during Whoseday (#Ketäpäivä). Pekka has over 5 years of experience working in the web industry developing web sites and applications. He enjoys creating reliable and robust UIs. He is also passionate about creative problem solving. 🎙 Why Zure as... Read more...

Zure Digest .NET 5 Extra
Joni Moilanen | 20.11.2020
Reading time 4 min
This is a special issue for .NET 5 -related news and articles to help get started with the latest version! Official announcements Announcing .NET 5.0 We’re excited to release .NET 5.0 today and for you to start using it. It’s a major release — including ... Read more...

Publish each ASP.NET Core Controller as individual APIs in Azure API Management
Sami Ovaska | 05.11.2020
Reading time 3 min
Goal The goal is to automatically publish each ASP.NET Core Controller as individual API in Azure API Management from Azure DevOps pipelines. Background Swashbuckle can be used to generate OpenAPI Specification (OAS) of ASP.NET Core application. There is also dotnet tool called... Read more...