Glenn and Pieter – Zure Belgium!
Monica Vikman | 16.01.2020
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Welcome to Zure Glenn & Pieter, our dream team of founders from Belgium!... Read more...

Welcome Pekka and Adrian!
Monica Vikman | 13.01.2020
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Our team was strengthened again with two new talents! Get to know Zure’s team. Read more...

Welcome Juho, Timo and Ville!
Monica Vikman | 06.01.2020
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Our team grew again with three new developers! Get to know us.  ... Read more...

On-Premises, IaaS, PaaS… Which cloud service type to choose?
Joni Moilanen | 25.01.2020
Reading time 2 min
There are several ways to publish services to the Internet, but what is the difference between cloud service types, and which works the best for you? In addition to the initial investments, it is also important to consider the long-term costs of continuous maintenance and growth of the service. Read more...

Zure expands to Belgium!
Monica Vikman | 15.01.2020
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After a lot of work, we’re very excited to announce, that as of last week, Zure Belgium is in operation!... Read more...

Zure expands to Belgium
Sakari Nahi | 14.01.2020
Reading time 4 min
For a few years now, we’ve been thinking about what type of growth would suit Zure. In Finland, there seems to be a trend of successful IT companies setting up side offices in different cities, like Turku, Oulu, and so forth. That’s one way of growing, but it didn’t feel... Read more...