Climate strike in Helsinki
Monica Vikman | 27.09.2019
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We took part in the climate strike today in Helsinki. Let’s start the change together. Our benevolent overlord polar bear “Karlhu” is happy to announce that Zure’s goal is a Carbon Neutral Zure 2020! Climate strike in Helsinki 27.9.2019  ... Read more...

Zure Legends brings Azure stars to Finland
Monica Vikman | 16.09.2019
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Zure Legends is a new lecture series where international stars are brought to Finland to give you an opportunity to learn and ask questions from them! Stay tuned. Read more...

We visited Microsoft Inspire
Monica Vikman | 17.09.2019
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Zure’s professionals Jaakko Nikko, Karl Ots and Okko Oulasvirta were at Microsoft Inspire. They also picked up our Partner of the Year finalist plaque!... Read more...

IglooConf 2020!
Monica Vikman | 05.09.2019
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IglooConf is held on 16-17th of January 2020 in Helsinki, Finland. Tickets are now available! IglooConf is a two-day, single track, learning festival for all things Azure. A unique event in Finland representing world-class public speakers with years of experience in real-life production-level implementations. IglooConf is... Read more...

Zure @Mimmitkoodaa 2019
Monica Vikman | 01.09.2019
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Zure participated Mimmit koodaa launch event in the Autumn 2019. We will also organize two coding workshops for women interested in the field during the autumn. The purpose of the Mimmit koodaa program is to encourage women interested in software development to learn coding and to become employed in the... Read more...

Azure and blockchains
Lauri Peltonen | 03.09.2019
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We have all heard of the term blockchain. It’s one of those hype terms which, for some reason, is associated with greatness, ‘the next big thing’ and all the best in general. In my opinion, it’s currently somewhere at the same level as AI – a great idea but companies... Read more...