Kompozure is now Zure
Sakari Nahi | 18.09.2018
Reading time 0 min
Sakari Nahi explains in his blog how our company’s purpose has developed over the next seven years. Now, besides updating of purpose and identity, also the name of the company changed. Read more...

Kompozure is now Zure
Sakari Nahi | 17.09.2018
Reading time 1 min
We clarified our purpose - we are Zure!

Validating Dependency Injection configuration in .Net Core
Sami Ovaska | 30.09.2018
Reading time 5 min
Use integration test to validate dependency injection is configured correctly in ASP.NET core 2.1 application. Read more...

Data Governance enables organizations to supercharge their data
Lauri Lehman | 15.09.2018
Reading time 3 min
What is Data Governance and how could it benefit your company? Read more...