"We started coding in early 2015 with the help of Kompozure's talented team. Thanks to our partnership with Zure and Microsoft we got our beta version done faster than expected. The system has been live with paying customers since July 2015. We were lucky to have the Zure guys helpling us, with the best Azure knowledge in the world."

Markus Mikola, Co-founder
Riitta Raesmaa, Co-founder

About ContractZen

ContractZen is a Helsinki-based startup founded in 2014. ContractZen is a new kind of cloud-based contract management SaaS to easily manage contracts and executive meetings for corporations of all sizes. It works on computers, tablets and smartphones. With ContractZen you can find all your contracts and other crucial corporate documents in seconds. It is a great tool for internal and external reviews or audits. With ContractZen you can be Due Diligence ready everyday.

Our role

We help ContractZen to design, build and manage an intuitive, secure and globally scalable contract management SaaS product.

Technology stack

Microsoft Azure PaaS, .NET, MVC, C#, Azure Websites, Azure DocumentDB, Azure Search, Azure Storage, Azure SQL, Stripe Credit Card payments, SendGrid, Universal Windows Platform, Xamarin, Jquery, React, TypeScript, Visual Studio Team Services (VSO/VSTS), Git

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